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#1. The OC spring show


This is a home and garden show that will feature all the types of improvements. It has the most experienced individuals in the real estate industry and will ensure that every talk is directed towards assisting the attendants in making the best homes ever. People are required to raise any question that they would be having during the progress of the show. It is scheduled to happen on May 20th and it will go for three good days.

#2. The Riverside home and Garden show


Another thing that people cannot afford to miss is this event. It contains the best topics like how to improve your garage doors and how to plant the best flowers for your compound. Many people would like to attend this because it has even drawing that show the best home gardens ever that people could copy at all times. It is programmed to happen at June 3rd 2016 which will then go for three good days. This means that it would be very nice for even the late comers who would not have time at the beginning of the show. Attend to get the best knowledge on how to improve your garden.

#3. Pomona


This is a home remodeling and renovation show. It is meant to equip attendees with the necessary knowledge on how and when to renovate their homes. It is a show that is attended by the best home removalists that have the experience and professionalism to renovate homes. It programed to take place on 8th June and it will go for two days. People can attend after they get the tickets to the event. This event is well organized and it covers all types of houses, rentals, residential and the commercial houses that people use every day.